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Few sports generate as much passion as football. It is played in almost every corner of the world and all you need is desire, two teams and a spherical ball made of leather, plastic or another malleable material to carry it out.

If this game helps bring people together why not try giving it a greater sense of community then. In this spirit, every year on the last Friday of October we celebrate theGlobal Meeting of Rural Community Soccer, an incredible solidarity experience that we promote from la Rural Communities Network Foundation since 2009.

More than 500 schools and rural communitiesfrom all the Argentine provinces and other countries of the world celebrate with a local football match the actions carried out thanks to teamwork. From Antarctica to Jujuy, from Mendoza to Buenos Aires and from Costa Rica to Sri Lanka, the ball is kicked in the same direction, scoring thousands of community goals.


Themain objective of the meetingit is to share the sense of community through example and with the available resources, thus strengthening the ties between students, teachers, family members and members of the community. It works by uniting wills for a common goal that is planned and organized in each place, regardless of how far or isolated it is.

Theboys and girls of school ageThey are the protagonists of the celebration through football. A game where everyone wins, a game where everyone celebrates.

Participating is very simple!

All you have to do is promote a solidarity action in your school or rural community, and then celebrate it with a local football match.sign upand find outof all the news.

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