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Terms and Conditions

As you well know, any event that schools carry out must guarantee the safety of those who participate. In order to provide you with the information in this regard, we comment on some of the security measures that we understand you should take into account:

* That the boys play in a space suitable for sports that guarantees their safety and integrity;

* That the elders prevent possible inconveniences that may arise on the day of the game. For example, having the presence of the school representative, checking the field before each game to make sure there are no sharp elements that could hurt the kids, having a first aid kit and having the presence or adequate availability of doctors. and -if feasible- ambulance in case of any accident, etc.;

* If the field is covered, they should ensure that it is suitable for the use that they are going to give it and observe the security measures required by the applicable regulations;

* Remember that adults are generally responsible for disturbances or conflicts in sporting events before children and take this into account to prevent any inconvenience that may arise (for example, exercising the right of admission to the event and notifying the community authorities in advance );

* In soccer, the bows are primarily because of very strong blows. Having them covered with a material that cushions the blow is the best way to prevent them. If they are not yet, it may even be one of the potential targets for solidarity action;

* The ball must be made of a material that allows the children to play but without putting their physical integrity at risk. For this same reason, we recommend that boys play in sneakers to minimize the chance of injury. If there are children who do not have shoes, a previous campaign can be organized so that no one in the community lacks theirs;

* Keep in mind and comply with all laws and other applicable regulations, for example the rules that indicate how to prevent and act in cases of fire; the laws that list the characteristics that the facilities where the event takes place must have, especially regarding emergency and evacuation signage, the regulations regarding safety and hygiene, among others.

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